Employment policy

There is no work unrelated to climbing. I will not do it from now on either. We earnestly love climbing. It is a company where people who love climbing are gathered. I love people who love climbing.
As the company name says, we consider frontier spirits very important. The frontier spirits we think of are "creation" that creates existence from nothing and “a pioneering spirit” that challenge what no one ever tries.
What we asking full-time employees is independency. Think by yourself, act by yourself, reflect on yourself, and act again. Make your own salary. Both men and women are the leaders of one country and one castle, and we have them lead the team.
We have offered more training opportunities for employees, such as training programs and study sessions than any other climbing companies. I want you to spread the sights and work from a broad perspective. Then, keep challenging and fail. I think that challenge and failure are the number one “work nutrition”.
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