Part-time staff job opportunities

We are recruiting at any time, at PUMP, B-PUMP and PUMP CLIMBER'S ACADEMY.

Cleaning, reception at gym, customer service, store maintenance, facility maintenance, support of wholesales business, support of e-commerce business, data input, and so on. It will be decided depending on your desired workplace, job types and competence.


Please refer to each store
PUMP1 +81-48-225-2919
PUMP2 +81-44-930-6081
PUMP OSAKA +81-6-6475-4406
B-PUMP OGIKUBO +81-3-6279-9455
B-PUMP YOKOHAMA +81-45-313-3672
B-PUMP TOKYO +81-3-6206-9189

Hourly wage
We’ll pay according to your capacity such as reception, desk work, etc. (you’ll have training period). Please contact each store for details.

Climbing experience is preferred
Training program is supplied
Covering transportation expenses
You can be a regular employee or contract employee in the future.

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