Contract employee job opportunities

Contract employee job opportunities

Some men and women who are empathic with our hiring policy and very motivated. Up to about 35-years-old.

Job types
Gym staff, store staff, route-setter, instructor, store manager and executive candidate. Some men and women. Climbing experience is preferred.
Wholesales of climbing goods. Some men and women. Trade business experience is preferred. Instructor. This is the job that makes customer’s happiness and joy through climbing.

We’ll consult with you individually depending on workable time and conditions. We’ll make a yearly employment contract.

Five-day work week Paid leave over 5 days a year

Benefits, welfare, training and various social insurance (employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance, welfare pension, health insurance) is well supplied. You can use group company facilities (all PUMP and B-PUMP stores) for free. The training system will be tailored to the type of work.

*In the case of mid-career hiring, hiring interviews may occur after a part-time job of 3-6 months./div>
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