For Kids

About time restriction for kids

If followed by parents or leader

gym Under 6 7-12 years old
followed by parents
13-15 years old
followed by parents
Pump1、Pump2、Pump Osaka No limit No limit No limit
Not allowed to enter climbing area Weekday: until 18:30
Saturday and Sunday: until 15:00
until 21:30 (same as for high school students)

Notes on kids climbers’ use

As a general rule, children under 15 must be accompanied with their parents.

Please don’t let children run around on the bouldering mat, make loud noises and play around because it would be annoying for other customers and cause serious accidents.

If you take more than 2 kids, please have them climb one by one. Please don’t let them climb at different places at the same time. Be sure to spot your children (typically hold your arms up with hands in a supporting position) to ensure the security if they are climbing higher walls. Please be careful not to have them land in unstable condition. You would not be able to spot without taking care your children at any time.