Privacy Policy

Basic policy on protection of personal informatio

As Frontier Spirits Inc. (“Frontier Spirits”) holds many personal information in connection with our corporate operations and carries out its activities, protection of personal information is a serious obligation. To gain trust from society widely, we will establish the personal information protection policy as follows and strive to protect personal information.
Please note that this basic policy will be ready for review at any time by posting it on our website (URL = http: //, corporate information etc.

Regarding personal information, in accordance with related laws and regulations and other norms and various regulations concerning the formulation of the company, Frontier Spirits will publicize, keep informed all persons engaged in business and handle it appropriately.

  1. 1.Proper collection, use, provision, consignment of personal information
    1. In gathering personal information, with clarifying the purpose of use, Frontier Spirits gather information in the necessary range, notify or publish the purpose of use, and use it within that range.
        Purpose of use

      1. Creating customer list
      2. Management analysis materials in our company
      3. Customer registration data in case of lost card or forgotten card
      4. d.Understanding of customer’s emergency contact information and emergency contact person
    2. The collected personal information will not be provided or disclosed to any third party except in the following cases.
      1. In case Frontier Spirits got the consent from the person in advance
      2. By the method of Article 23, paragraph 2 (opt-out) or paragraph 3 (joint-use) of the law on protection of personal information protection
      3. In case of providing or disclosing in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations
    3. When using personal information by delegating it to a third party, in consideration of the situation of the safety management measures at the third party, Frontier Spirits consider the appropriateness of conducting the consignment, will provide them with a non-disclosure agreement and will do the appropriate oversight to the subcontractor.
  2. 2.Safety management measures of personal information
  3. In order to prevent and correct unauthorized access to personal information, leakage, loss or damage of personal information, Frontier Spirits will establish regulations within our company and make efforts for safety measures.
  4. 3.Improvement measures
  5. I.Frontier Spirits will try to respond accurately to changes in the social environment regarding the handling of personal information. Frontier Spirits also make efforts to make improvements by making changes, corrections or additions to this policy and other regulations, etc. if necessary.
  6. 4.Responding to disclosure, request for correction, etc.
  7. I.If you believe that Frontier Spirits is not in compliance with this Privacy Policy, or if you wish to disclose, correct, add, delete or suspend personal information of yourself, please contact to Frontier Spirits (TEL 03-6457-7605, Miyaji). Frontier Spirits will respond to this within a reasonable period and reasonable range.
  8. 5.Handling complaints
  9. I.Frontier Sprits will make effort properly and promptly to deal with complaints concerning the handling of personal information.