PUMP CLIMER’S ACADEMY will be closed from July 16th

One employee working for our company PUMP CLIMER’S ACADEMY in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, has symptoms such as fever from Monday 13th July and since the symptoms have not improved until Wednesday 15th, contact the public health center and PCR. I did an inspection.

For this reason, PUMP CLIMER’S ACADEMY will be closed from July 16th.

The employee’s last workday was July 12 (Sunday).
Since we used a mask and a vinyl curtain at the reception to prevent infection, it is unlikely that there will be a heavy contact with our customers, but we closed the gym just in case and let everyone know.
In addition, I finished listening to the employees who worked together on the day, and it is also unlikely that there is a heavy contact, but I am waiting at home just in case.

The PCR test result of the employee will be released on Friday 17th or Monday 20th, so we will inform you on this HP as soon as the result is known.
In addition, we will also inform you on our HP on the day when business will resume.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Frontier Spirits Co., Ltd.
Naoya Naito