Membership Terms

Chapter 1 Membership qualification

1) The qualification to join the climbing gym PUMP is as follows.
Individuals who are enjoying sport climbing and have completed their enrollment procedures.

Chapter 2 About use

The time available to use (business period, business hours, holidays) is separately defined at each PUMP store.

Chapter 3 Refund of fee

1) The paid admission fee and membership fee will not be refunded for any reason
(* Repayment of fee or extension of membership period for the customer’s reason such as job transfer, injury, travel or pregnancy etc. can’t be accepted)
However, as a special exception, if all the following three conditions are satisfied, the refund of the membership fee will be made in accordance with the Section 3 of Chapter 3.
1.You couldn’t know about job transfer or pregnancy in advance
2.You requested refund within 14 days from the admission date
3.You have presented the prescribed confirmation form (transfer certificate with company seal, pregnancy certificate by doctor, or mother-child notebook)

2) We will refund the fee for following reasons

1.In the case we stop the business for six business days or more for the reason of ours (except natural disasters)
2. (If you are a Gold member) In the case the base PUMP store stopped working for 6 business days or more due to the reason of ours (Refund is not accepted even if other than base PUMP store stop the business)
3.If there are an withdrawal offer within 14 days from the date of admission, and you submit prescribed confirmation form (job transfer certificate with company mark, pregnancy certificate by doctor or mother-child notebook), and only if you did not know in advance about job transfer or pregnancy

3)Refund of the membership fee will be made according to the followings;

1.Refund amount in case of 2)1.2:
・ If the membership maturity date is after the end of business suspension period:
Daily membership fee (= membership fee ÷ membership period) × (business suspension period-5)
・ If the membership expires during the business suspension period (except for the first 5 business days of the suspension period):
Daily membership fee (= membership fee ÷ membership period) × (remaining membership period from the day business suspension started-5)
2.Period of refund request: Only when there is a refund request within one month from the day of business resumption, the membership fee will be refunded
3.Refund amount in case of 2)3:
Annual member and Half-annual member: We will refund the amount after deduction of 10% of the paid membership fee (the 10% will be charged as transaction fee and membership fee for 14 days)
Monthly member: The admission fee cannot be refunded. The membership fee received will be refunded.

Chapter 4 Membership Rights and Duties

1) Members can use our facilities according to the membership terms during their membership period
2) We issue member cards to members. Please be sure to show at the storefront when using our facilities. If you do not show, you may be denied admission.
3) If the member loses his/her membership card, he/she will immediately tell the issuer and apply for reissuance.

Chapter 5 Revoking of membership

1) We can suspend or cancel the membership if the member falls under any of the following conditions:
1.If the member violated the our facility rules and regulations
2.If the member did an unfair act such as loaning or transferring of member card
3.If there was an act against public order and morals or an illegal act in our facilities
4.If there was a significant nuisance against other members or staff in our facilities
5.When it turned out that there were errors or significant differences in the application content of membership qualifications

Chapter 6 Use restriction and abolition of facilities

1) We may limit the use of our facility partly because of checking or renovating the facility, lending to an event, etc.
2) We may abolish all or part of the facilities or restrict the use because of natural disasters, legal reforms and abolitions, administrative guidance, significant changes in social and economic conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances. In this case, the membership fee will not be refunded.

Chapter 7 Responsibility for accident

1) We are not liable for any personal or physical accident such as injury or theft caused when the members use our facilities.
2) Members are liable for damages if they cause damages to our facilities or to other customers due to the reasons that should be ascribed to their own when using our facilities.

Chapter 8 Monthly membership rules

The followings will be applied only to monthly members
1) Membership may be revoked if automatic billing is not completed due to card expiration or suspension. Please contact us in advance when the card is expired or suspended
2) If you cannot pay automatically, please pay by cash at the storefront. Membership may be forfeited if the automatic billing cannot be performed for several months in a row, so please make an early restoration of your credit card
3) If you are going to withdraw from membership, please be sure to do procedure at the store you applied until the day before the billing day (the 1st day of each month)
4) Withdrawal from membership or refund of membership fee cannot be made after completion of automatic billing

Chapter 9 Gold membership rules

The followings will be applied to Gold members only;
1) Gold members can use all PUMP facilities including PUMP CLIMBER ’S ACADEMY during the membership period
2) If some stores can’t be used due to our reason, Gold members can use other stores only. There will be no extension of membership period and no refund of fee.

Chapter 10 Continuity of membership

1) Please complete the membership continuation procedure by the expiry of membership.
In the case you continue the membership after it expires, you will continue the membership from the membership maturity date
2) You can change the membership between monthly membership, half-annual membership and annual membership when you do continuation procedure.

Chapter 11 Others

1) The membership terms may be revised without any notice beforehand.