About Monthly Membership

This is a continuous free pass for which you pay by credit card monthly.
You can continue to use until you withdraw from the membership.

Gold membership
(able to use all PUMP gyms)
Monthly Membership
(able to use one PUMP gym)
Adult ¥13,600 (tax excluded) ¥12,600 (tax excluded)
Students & Under-18 ¥10,000 (tax excluded) ¥9,000 (tax excluded)

About Application

1.Credit payment system
Card check at the time of application becomes possible on the same day, and the trouble from the process of admission got eliminated. In addition, withdrawal of membership because of sudden transfer etc. can also be accepted until the day before the billing date.
We will automatically charge the monthly membership fee on the first day of every month from the credit card specified. As it takes one month to start the procedure, the first day of the next month after the application will be the billing start date. After the start of billing, membership fee will continue to be charged on the first day of each month until you withdraw from membership.
The following 3 credit card can be used.
● Master Card
In addition, the credit card payment of this service uses the payment system of SQUARE based in the United States.

2.The cost for initial application as an adult regular member
Admission fee ··· ¥ 12,000 (tax excluded) ※ Not required when switching from half-annual / annual membership to monthly membership
Membership fee for one month … ¥ 12,600 (tax excluded)
Daily usage fee … ¥420 (tax excluded) × number of days
Example: Fee in the case of applying for a regular member on October 20
➀ Admission fee … ¥12,000 (tax excluded)
② Membership fee for one month … ¥12,600 (tax excluded)
③ Daily usage fee … ¥420 (tax excluded) × 12 days … ¥5,040 (tax excluded)
Total ➀+②+③= ¥29,640(tax excluded) will be the initial cost amount.

3. Monthly membership fee
The membership fee differs depending on the following two categories: Adult or Students & Under-18. In addition, you can select “Regular membership” or “Gold membership”; the former can use only one PUMP store you applied for, the latter can use all 7 stores of PUMP / B-PUMP / ACADEMY. Please see the price list above for details.

4. What to bring for initial procedure
・ Credit card (* Credit cards we can accept are VISA / Master Card / AMERICAN EXPRESS) (* Debit card is not suitable for automatic billing. Please prepare a credit card issued by card company)
・ Email address (As payment report will be sent by e-mail, please prepare an e-mail address for PC if possible)
・ The initial cost (admission fee + membership fee for the first month + daily usage fee) will be paid by cash.
・ Members card
・ Student card (if you are a student)

5. Notification
If the credit card automatic charge cannot be completed for some reason, please pay in cash at the storefront.
・ If the credit card automatic charge cannot be completed several months in a row, your membership may be revoked.
・ If you are going to withdraw from membership, be sure to apply at the store where you applied until the day before the billing date (the 1st day of each month).
・ If you wish to change the base PUMP store, please go through the store where you applied to carry on procedure.
・ Withdrawal from membership or refund of membership fee cannot be made after completion of automatic billing.