Improve your climbing skill with 3 months of focused lessons and training

Total Support

Target: beginners – advanced
Course duration: 3 months
2 hours at each week × 13 times

※About reschedule
If you absent from a lesson, you can reschedule to a different lesson. Please consult your instructor in advance.

Basic lesson ishere

Please confirm the schedule and make a reservation by phone or mail.
TEL: 03-6457-7605




August Start




Friday Night Course

Course Data:every Friday 20:00~22:00

Free Pass:8/16~11/15

Capacity: 6 people




Tuesday Night Course

Course Data:every Tuesday  20:00~22:00

Free Pass:8/20~11/19

Capacity: 6 people



Saturday Daytime Course


Course Data:every Saturday 11:00~13:00

Free Pass:8/31~11/30

Capacity: 6 people




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Friday Night Course   8/16~11/15Tuesday Night Course   8/20~11/19Saturday Daytime Course 8/31~11/30

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