About use as bouldering & training gym

About use as bouldering & training gym

Academy can also be used as a bouldering and training gym by customers who don’t belong to our school or lesson.
Bouldering rooms on the 1st and 3rd floor are always available as a regular bouldering gym.
Training room on the 2nd floor may not be available during school.


Registration Fee (tax in) ¥1,100
Facility Usage Fee (tax in) ¥2,200
NIGHT TIME (18:00~) : ¥1,980
Primary School – University Student : ¥1,650

For beginners

Academy supports your bouldering debut.
PUMP CLIMBERʼS ACADEMY is a gym designed to improve climbing and bouldering.
It is designed to be enjoyed by customers who have never done bouldering at all, and there are plenty of ideas to learn from the basics.
Let’s make a bouldering debut after learning the basics firmly in the academy.


4 times lessons + 1 month pass


We will do our best to support your bouldering debut

A course to learn the basics of climbing for those who are new to bouldering and climbing.
Starting with the rules and manners, we will teach knowledge and skill to climb safely and effectively.
We support your bouldering debut with 4 lessons of 1 hour each week and a “1 Month Pass” which is available on PCA anytime for 1 month.

The 1st Warming up (CLIMBER’S BIBLE 2nd volume P204-207)

The 2nd How to fall (CLIMBER’S BIBLE 1st volume P192)

The 3rd The kind of holding, climbing terms (CLIMBER’S BIBLE 1st volume P54-55)

The 4th Observation (CLIMBER’S BIBLE 1st Volume P210-211)

¥24,200 (tax in) Need reservation
※About reschedule
If you absent from a lesson, you can reschedule to a different lesson. Please consult in advance.

Target: first time customers – beginners
Course duration: 1 month
1 hour at each week × 4 times
Capacity: 6 people
Please confirm the schedule and make a reservation by phone or mail.

(You can not make a reservation from the reservation form)

Starter Instruction

Starter Instruction
This is a program for customers who want to do and experience bouldering at the first time. Instructors will advise you on basic precautions for bouldering, how to choose climbing shoes, the rules of climbing, and how to climb.
As there are always instructors in PCA, this program is available anytime without a reservation. You need not pay the fee other than facility usage fees.
Children and families are also welcome.

For beginners
Available anytime during business hours

What to bring


Comfortable clothing


Climbing shoes (you can borrow for free at the first time)


Chalk (you can borrow for free at the first time)
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