Trial Climbing

This is for the person who is going to try climbing for the first time.
It includes many contents such as the instruction about the facility, how to protect the safety while climbing, and how to do bouldering and rope climbing (our staffs certainly ensure your safety).

Here are the details

SUNDAY & HOLIDAYS 13:00-14:30/14:30-16:00
SATURDAY 13:00-14:30/14:30-16:00
TUESDAY & THURSDAY 20:00-21:30

Announcement about change of Beginner School

From April 27, 2019, the system and fee of Beginner School has changed.

(Changed points)
1You can take the courses (1st day, 2nd day and 3rd day) separately, not as a series of course. You can graduate in 1 week at the earliest. (Because you have a special schedule during the GW, you can graduate in 3 days at the earliest.)

You can take the same course more than 2 times.
If you feel anxious about your skill and want to practice more, or if you want to review techniques because there was a gap in practice, you can take the courses again.

We abolished 15-days free pass service, and you are going to pay for each courses (not as a series of course). If you take all courses, it will cost you ¥6,600 (tax in) = ¥2,200 (tax in) / 1 course × 3 days. (you have to pay facility usage fee additionally.)

We abolished “Top Rope course”, but you can learn the same content in the 1st day of the course.
We abolished “Top Rope course”, but you can learn the same content in the 1st day of the course.

We abolished “Follow-up Beginner School”, but you can learn the same content in the 3rd day of the course instead.
If you can’t find a partner for lead climbing after you graduate beginner school, or if you are still uneasy about belaying, please apply on the course of 3rd day. (Please tell us about your graduation or purpose in the remarks column)
That’s all. Please contact the store if you have any questions.
TEL +81-44-930-6081

Beginner School

This is a school for those who are thinking of starting rope climbing and those who want to study from the basics. This school includes 2-hours course × 3 days. If you take these courses, you can acquire the basic knowledge of rope climbing perfectly.
No reason that you don’t take it! After graduating from this course, you can climb all walls freely.

¥2,200 (tax in) / 1 course *you have to pay usage fee additionally
Top rope course ・・・ basic knowledge and top rope climbing
Lead climbing course ・・・ lead climbing (how to climb as lead style)
Lead belay course ・・・ lead climbing (how to belay lead climber)

the reservation form and the details

Level-up School

This is a school recommended for those who have basic knowledge about climbing and want to improve their skill.
We will hold 13 times of 2-hours course (indoor training). There is no doubt that if you take these lessons you will be able to improve your climbing and make climber friends!
*It is a school for those who can do lead climbing and belaying.

¥52,800 (tax in) (13 times of indoor climbing courses)

Advanced School

This school is recommended for those who want to further improve their skills. Experienced instructor help you improve your weak points. The goal is to become 5.12 climber. Many graduates from Level-up school is participating.

Outdoor School

Outdoor school is mainly held on Sundays. If you take Level-up school, you can participate in Outdoor school maximum 2 times during the school period. In addition, those who don’t take the Level-up school can also participate in it as a single course.

¥8,800 (tax in) / day

Junior Time

The program for elementary school students. If you would like to let your children interested in climbing try it, let’s have them join the program first. Your children will be able to make friends in this program.

For free
* you have to pay usage fee of the day additionally
Every Friday 16:30 -18:00
45 minutes: Bouldering
45 minutes: Rope Climbing

For more information, please contact PUMP2
TEL: +81-44-930-6081

PUMP Junior Climbing Club

This school is for children from upper grades of elementary school to junior high school students. (from April 2009)
The goal is to improve climbing techniques and understand expert knowledge.
This school is recommended for children who is unsatisfied with instruction for kids, who have desire to improve themselves or who want to participate in climbing competitions.

C CLASS Let’s get used to climbing and do climb as many as possible!
Capacity: 4 persons / class
B CLASS Let’s learn about basic themes on climbing, then climb with thinking!
Capacity: 4 persons / class
A2 CLASS Every Wednesday
Capacity: 4 persons / class

Here are the details.


Bouldering Session

This is a session where every participant tries together the bouldering problems created by staffs.
It is highly recommended for people who want to make friends and who feel stuck with regular problems. Feel free to join us.

WEDNESDAY 20:00-21:00 Middle-class Session
THURSDAY 20:00-21:00 Clinic for beginners
FRIDAY 20:00-21:00 Basic-class Session
SATURDAY 15:00-16:00 Beginner Session
SUNDAY 15:00-16:00 Beginner Session