Kids under 15 (junior high school students and below) have to be followed by their parents or leader.
Please be careful because the time available for children varies according to the age of them.

13-15 years old
(followed by parents)
No limit
7-12 years old
(followed by parents)
No limit
Under 6 No limit

*As a general rule, kids under 15 (junior high school students and below) have to be followed by their parents.

For customers under 18
You have to submit the confirmation document with signature of your parent at your first use of PUMP gym. Please download the format from the link below and bring it with sign.

Here is the document format

Junior Time

Junior Time
This is the program for kids (elementary and junior high school students) who want to do bouldering. It’s designed like playing activity in order to let the children know the attraction of bouldering. You don’t need to pay extra fee for Junior Time except for gym usage fee.

Every Friday 16:30-18:00
Fee: Free (gym usage fee and rental fee is necessary)

PJCC -PUMP Junior Climbing Club-

PJCC -PUMP Junior Climbing Club-

“I want to improve my climbing skills.” “I’d like to join climbing competitions.” “I wish to receive more instructions.”

PJCC, opened in 2010, is the oldest climbing club in Japan for junior climbers.
There are about 200 members in the club now, which is divided into 5 classes according to the level, from C class in which children can learn climbing with having fun, to S class to which some Japanese youth national team players belong.
PJCC has produced many world-class climbers so far. Why not challenge the unlimited possibilities of your child?

In general, children start the course from C (Challenge) class.

DATE CAPACITY Price (tax excluded)
CHALLENGE Clas Wednesday and Friday 17:00~19:00
Sunday 10:00~12:00
6 students / class ¥13,600 (for 4 classes)
BASIC Class Sunday 10:00~12:00 4 students / class ¥14,500 (for 4 classes)

Feel free to visit for observation! Please ask the vacancy of each class by telephone.
PUMP OSAKA +81-6-6475-4406

Here are the details of PJCC