Beginner School

This is a school for those who are thinking of starting to climb from now! We PUMP hold Beginner School for those who don’t have any climbing experiences and those who have a little experience and want to study from the basics.
Until now, more than 1000 people have taken the course, and many of them are enjoying climbing now.
We will teach you basic knowledge, tools for climbing, how to use rope, how to belay, and how to enjoy climbing, along original textbook. Since we consider the safety as top priority, anyone would be able to participate with confidence.

  • ・Those who don’t have climbing experience
  • ・Those who have a little experience but want to learn basics
  • ・Those who are anxious about belaying because of the period they don’t practice it

1st day: basic knowledge, how to use rope and top rope climbing
2nd day: lead climbing (how to lead)
3rd day: lead climbing (how to belay)
・You can take the same course more than 2 times. (*You have to pay the fee for course and facility usage each time.)
For example;
If you are anxious about belaying because of the period you don’t practice it after finishing Beginner School→ join the 3rd day
If you can’t find the partner for belaying after finishing Beginner School → join the 3rd day
*Please take the course from the 1st day if you haven’t graduated Beginner School.

•5% discount on PUMP shop products (only on the course day)

Held at any time

Please contact us.

TEL: +81-6-6475-4406



CONTENTS 2-3 hours / course

You can chose the course.

CAPACITY 6 persons
FEE ¥2,000 (tax excluded)
/ course (including gear rental fee) *you have to pay usage fee additionally