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Junior time

Elementary School students
The top climbers in competitions today have been climbing since elementary school.
One day we hope that their will be a top climber like that from our elementary school program.
First, let's enjoy climbing together!
The children will definitely have a real exciting time after a different experience from everyday life./div>
Gyms with Junior Time Class schedule
Pump1 KAWAGUCHI Every week Friday 16:00-18:00
Pump2 KAWASAKI Every week Friday 16:30-18:00
B-Pump OGIKUBO Every week Saturday Sunday 13:00-14:00
B-Pump YOKOHAMA Sunday 11:00-12:00
B-Pump Tokyo AKIHABARA Every week Friday 17:00-18:00

Let's have fun together! For more information please contact the gym's with Junior Time.