1-24-10 Kamiogi Suginami-ku Tokyo



Registration Fee

¥1,500+tax (Members of other PUMP gyms, registration fee is ¥1,000 +tax *Registration is required for your first session
There will be no waiting at receptions if you print out and bring the registration form

Use fee

1 Day Monday ~ Friday 1 Day Sat/Sun/Holiday Week Day, Day Time (Other than Sat. Sun. Holidays)
(Open ~ 18:30)
Night Time(18:00~) Week day Night Time 2(21:00 ~ )
Adult ¥1,800+tax ¥2,000+tax ¥1,500+tax ¥1,500+tax ¥1,200+tax
University (College) Students ¥1,500+tax ¥1,500+tax ¥800+tax ¥1,200+tax ¥1,000+tax
High School Students and Under ¥1,000+tax ¥1,000+tax ¥800+tax ¥800+tax

*For under 18 years, you must have guardians approval/written approval

Junior High School and elementary school students must be accompanied by a guardian.
And when climbing, there must be 1 guardian per 1 climber.
When coming with more than one Jr. High, elementary school student, please have them climb one at a time.(For Junior high school students, they can climb alone if they pass a written and skill test)
Children under elementary school can enter but cannot come into the climbing area.

●There is a time limit for high school students and under. Please check the time table.
High school and Jr. high school students  Every day till 21:30
Elementary school students weekdays till 18:30, Sat/Sun/Holidays till 15:00
(Even when with guardians)

Memberships (Longterm Pass)

Reasonable price,Facility use anytime during your membership.

1 Year 6 Months 1 Months
Adult ¥120,000+tax ¥72,000+tax ¥11,000+tax
University (College) Students ¥90,000+tax ¥54,000+tax ¥8,000+tax
High School Students and Under ¥60,000+tax ¥36,000+tax ¥5,500+tax

There is also a Monthly Membership (Monthly Pass)
For the application, registration fee and 2 months membership fee must be paid in cash. Automatic withdrawal can be used from the 3rd month.
registration fee is ¥10,000+tax, membership fee is ¥11,000+tax, for students ¥8,000+tax
(For use of automatic withdrawal, there is an automatic withdrawal fee).

Prepaid card

Prepaid card at a special price of ¥20,000+tax worth ¥22,000+tax for use at all PUMP gyms

Gold Member

Unlimited access to all of the PUMP & B-PUMP GYMS.
For more information


Rental shoes ¥200+tax Free on your first registration) *Must have sox on
Rental chalk (to prevent slipping)

If you do not have climbing gear, please come in easy to move around in clothing.