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Special Prices

Special Prices

About Membership
Year Membership Free pass for 1 year. Annual fees can be paid all at once or in two payments.
>> PUMP Membership agreement (Japanese)
6 Month Membership Free pass for 6 months. Membership fee must be paid all at once.
Comparatively high than 1 Year Membership, but at a convenient price.
>> PUMP Membership agreement (Japanese)
Monthly Membership Continual free pass. Payment by monthly automatic withdrawal from your bank account.
No need for menbership renewal. Membership (automatic withdrawal) continues till membership resignation.
The amount payment is at a low cost, and there is no hassle to renew your membership.
>> For more information about monthly membership registration(Japanese)
>> PUMP Membership agreement (Japanese)
Gold Membership During membership you can use all pump gyms (pump 1, pump2, Ogikubo, Yokohama, Akihabara, Osaka free of charge.
  1 Year Membership 6 Month Membership Monthly Membership
Regular \135.450 \81.900 \12.600
University/College students \101.850 \60.900 \9.450
High school students and under \68.250 \40.950 \6.300
Continual membership fees and male/female pair membership price
  1 Year Membership 6 Month Membership
Regular \121.800 \73.500
University/College students \91.350 \54.600
High school students and under \60.900 \36.750
*Installment payments for 1 Year Membership. Remaining payment must be made within 4 months.
・Regular: First \80.000 Second Rest of the amount
・University/College students:First \60.000 Second Rest of the amount
・High school students and under : First \40.000 Second Rest of the amount

In the three membership plans above, you can choose from "Regular Member" and "Gold Member"Regular members can only use the gym you register at,and Gold Members can use all gyms in the Kanto area (P1 Kawaguchi, P2 Kawasaki, BP Ogikubo, BP2 Yokohama, BP Tokyo Akihabara).If you plan to use the gym more than 2 times a week, membership is the best bargain.
Also for members there is a special discount for all climbing goods (excluding books/magazines) sold at Pump.

Discount Tickets

You can only use the prepaid card for gym use, but can be used at all Pump guns and there is no expiration date.
(For gyms you use for
first time, like in regular use, you need to pay the first time registration fee) You want to continue coming to Pump, but if you don't know if you can continual for a long time, starting by using prepaid cards maybe a good start.
( Only the buyer of the card can use it, just as in Memberships )